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Healthy snacks are meant to be enjoyed, and Dakota Kid Snacks, Inc. in Menoken, North Dakota, makes sunflower seeds that prove this. See what our fans have been saying!

"Just wanted to let you know that I've been a fan of sunflower seed for almost 20 years. I've tried several brands and I must say that the Jumboz Big salted seeds taste better than any other! Been hooked on them for the last year now. Keep up the good work!"
- Greg, Villa Rica, GA

"Just tried your seeds because they were out of David's. I will stay with your's from now on as they are more flavorful, less junk and less salt. I Love Them!"
- Pete, Las Animas, CO

"My co-workers and I greatly appreciate the quality of Dakota Kid "Jumbo" sunflower seeds. There are no other seeds locally that we have tried that compare to the tase, texture, and quality of your seeds.
Thanks for a great product!"
- Jeremy, Lenexa, KS

"I love Jumboz. I get them at my local Trator Supply Company and I can't stop eating them they are even better than Planters."
- Emily, Chambersburg, PA

"I wanna to say something. this company sunflower seeds is the best I ever had than other kinds. Your always fresh and tasty. They're very addictive!"
- Sherry, Wyanet, IL

"I just wanted to say that my wife and I (and everyone else that I have had try your sunflower seeds) love your sunflower seeds. I just ordered my second case (50 count) of the Jumboz sunflower seeds and I have NEVER tasted a better seed!"
- Chris, San Leandro, CA

"I purchase your sunflower seeds at the Cub Foods near my house in Bloomington MN. UPC number 73533 51215.

It is a consistently superior product and I find these seeds to be much better than David's.

Thank you for your commitment to providing an excellent product."
- Greg, Bloomington, MN

"WOW!!! These Jumboz BIG sunflower seeds are the BEST I have ever tasted!! I have tried many over the years and now I"m sold on the Jumboz!! Thanks again for an AWESOME product!! I am a customer for life!!"
- Gary, Clemmons, NC