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Sizable Sunflower Seeds

Dakota Kid Snacks, Inc. makes flavor-packed roasted sunflower seeds in North Dakota. These sunflower seeds are all in-shell, and are a nutritious and convenient snacking choice. They are high in protein, naturally low in carbohydrates, and are one of the best sources of whole-grain Vitamin E.

Why Dakota Kid Seeds?

Large in size and taste, our in-shell sunflower seeds give consumers tons of great choices in flavor. Our over-sized seeds are available in many popular lines, featuring flavors like original, dill pickle, and spicy sweet chili.

Sunflower Seed Processing

Confectionary sunflower seeds in their natural raw state are dark black in color. It is the processing of the seeds that will ultimately give them their gray-black color you see in a finished bag of Dakota Kid sunflower seeds.

The process begins with a trip through a brine (salt and water solution) tank. Once the product is in the tank the air is removed from the tank using a vacuum system to force the brine solution into the center of the shell, thus giving us our signature taste. Once this procedure is completed, the tank is drained and the seeds are moved to the roasting oven while still wet. Dakota Kid seeds are roasted in a continuous roast oven, not a tumble roast oven, giving them a unique appearance and a full-roasted flavor.

After being roasted, the sunflower seeds are then run through a spray-on surface salt process to ensure just the right taste. For consistent quality, our sunflower seeds are put through a cleaning and screening procedure to check their appearance before they go to retail shelves. They are then packaged in various sizes and varieties and begin their journey from our plant to a retail store near you. The next time you are shopping, be sure to ask for Dakota Kid. We're the ones with the cowboy on the bag.

Farmer in Sunflower Field