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Dakota Kid Snacks, Inc. wants our customers to know everything they need to about our products. Get in touch with us in Menoken, North Dakota, with any questions or concerns, and consult the frequently asked questions below for further information.


What are Jumboz sunflower seeds?

Our raw material sunflower seed supplier carefully cleans and screens the largest seeds contained in the confectionary sunflower seed plant.  We purchase a raw material product for our Jumboz brand that is designated as a grade 24 size seed. Most competitive brands today offer a grade 18 or 20.

Where does Jumboz sit within the sunflower seed snack food category as a product and at what price point?

Jumboz is a premium sunflower seed product priced competitively in the sunflower seed category. Jumboz is available for national distribution through snack food brokers for all customer trade classes.

How are they produced?

Jumboz is roasted in a continuous roaster oven, not a tumble roaster. This gives Jumboz its unique appearance and consistent, full-roasted flavor.  After being roasted, the sunflower seeds are then run through a flavored process and are lightly salted for just the right taste.

What do we think this product means to the future of the sunflower seed snack food category?

We envision that most consumers will move to the larger seeds and, eventually, the smaller seeds sold on the market today will be identified as "low-grade" within the sunflower seed category.

What Dakota Kid and Jumboz items are available on our website?

We have Dakota Kid Roasted & Salted seeds in 12ct 16 oz. and 5.25 oz. Jumboz Roasted & Salted in 12ct 14.5 oz and 5.25 oz.  Jumboz Sill Pickle in 12ct 5.25 oz and Jumboz Spicy Sweet Chili in 12ct 5.25 oz.

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